Home & Stucco Inspections of Georgia has been providing professional, meaningful inspections, including residential and commercial building, stucco, stone, and mold inspections since 2001. What sets us apart is our unique expertise and experience in:

  • Mold remediation and testing in Athens ,GA

  • Court-approved Dryvit Inspector involved early on with EIFS MoistureFree Warranty Research and Development to remediate and place stucco warranties on defective EIFS homes

  • Hands-on experience with stucco construction and repair

  • Extensive experience in moisture intrusion detection that can only come from probing, test cutting, and following up on thousands of EIFS and stucco homes across the southeast including Athens, Valdosta, Douglas, Hilton Head, Savannah, Lake Oconee, Atlanta, Anderson, Greenville, Spartanburg, Clemson, and beyond.

  • Hands-on home construction experience having been a Builder of residential homes

  • Extensive experience that can only be gained from conducting thousands of home, stucco, EIFS, mold, and commercial inspections spanning 17 years.

Beware of unscrupulous stucco contractors in Athens Georgia who also conduct stucco inspections, especially if not EDI, AWCI, and/or Moisture Warranty certified; many of these Athens stucco contractors are not professionally trained and make a lot of money by presenting a list of unnecessary repairs to the unknowing client, preying on the fears associated with stigma of stucco, all while often missing key areas that actually do need to be addressed. 

We never have a vested interest in finding problems with the home that do not truly need repaired and we are trained to zero-in on the area or areas needing repair, not making "blanket-type" statements like, "this stucco needs to be torn off and redone," or "this entire home needs to be skim-coated." We will help guide you to professional stucco contractors with proven track records in Athens, Atlanta, or Valdosta who we know and have received positive results from referring. See our Testimonials below to see the many praises we've received over the years from our grateful clients across Georgia and South Carolina. 


Stucco & EIFS Inspections

Mold Inspections & IAQ Testing

Stone Veneer Inspections

Comprehensive Home Inspections


"Thanks so much for your excellent service and report." -N. Williams, Savannah

"Your report and thoroughness are impressive. I can't remember a report this thorough, professional, and easy to understand. You're on my A-list. I will pass your name on; thank you again! Please know that I'm thoroughly impressed. You did a bang-up, awesome job!"

-J. Smith, Atlanta

"Thanks again, David. Your report is excellent! Your level of professionalism is exceptional. We will definitely be recommending your services! I'm afraid the level of damage to this house is too much for us to move forward. We don't have the upfront cash required to make this house livable, but your report and others have allowed us to make an informed decision. Thanks again, David! May God bless you and your family. You have certainly been a blessing to us!"
-M. Possien, Atlanta

"Mr. Smith, Thank you. I would like you to know I appreciate the way you do business—your concern to get us the report when you said it would be ready is refreshing in the way business is done today—Thank you and Good Luck!"
-F. Mohr, Greensboro

"David, I want to thank you for the information you provided. I would definitely recommend you to anyone that needs this type of service in the future. Thank you for obtaining the quotes. The house needs a lot of exterior work, and I am thankful that we did due diligence. My wife and I were hoping the price of the house was too good to be true, but now believe that it may be more effort than we planned to expend. We appreciate you providing the detailed information in order to make a more informed decision. I hope our paths cross in the future and I will make sure J. L. knows that I was very pleased with your service and would highly recommended you for stucco/EIFS inspections to his clients. Thanks again."

-J DuBro, Greenville, SC

"Thanks for your help. By the way, I did end up giving your report to the seller and, based on its thoroughness, we are able to negotiate the price down significantly. Thank you! If you ever need a recommendation..."

-D Spadaro, Reynolds Plantation

"David, Thank you so much for your efforts, your excellent and thorough work, and your integrity. All are much appreciated."

-D. Mott, Athens

"David, thank you for your very thorough inspection of the house including the stucco.  It was certainly most helpful and informative."

-Clyde Stokes, Valdosta 

"I appreciate your thorough report. That's why I called you."

-Matt Hennesy, Douglas


"David, I am immensely grateful for the impeccable stucco /home inspection which confirmed what a poor job the Realtor's suggested Inspector did - and all your other assistance with this older home of mine. I have a dry roof, among other things because of you and I just cannot adequately express how fortunate I am to have peace of mind now that this house and significant investment is protected. You far exceeded all expectations! Thank you so much.-L. M. Clements, Athens

"David was great. He was prompt and polite and his work was well done. I would Highly recommend him. His rates were reasonable"
-Gloria V., Athens

"David was very professional and amiable to work with, we highly recommend his services. Here's why:
1. Responsive correspondence/email--he followed up promptly with my initial request for a quote/assessment and was very prompt in all his communications by phone/email/text.
2. Prompt and easy scheduling.
3. Well executed and delivered as promised.
Bonus: he's a veteran small business owner."
-Suzanne Girdner, Athens

"Thanks very much for the very detailed report. The report was excellent and much more professional that previous inspections."
-J Schuh, Reynolds Plantation, Eatonton

"Thank you SO much for doing this. It has made a huge difference where I will or will not sink my funds. I am VERY grateful to you. I could have gotten into such trouble without your help. I will work through this as you suggest, all the while knowing this was prepared by a very good guy who does the business of home inspection with great dedication and professionalism."
-S. Ward, Watkinsville

"I am fortunate to have found Home and Stucco Inspections of Georgia and the expertise of David Smith.  I was considering the purchase of a home in southern South Carolina but had received conflicting reports from the initial home inspector and an independent stucco inspector. I called David who asked me to send him the report with pictures.   However, the quality of the pictures was of such a nature that it was impossible to determine with any definitiveness if a problem truly existed.  David drove from his Athens, Georgia office to the home under consideration and "left no stone unturned."  He meticulously spent hours inspecting inside and outside the house taking core samples as needed.  On his way home, he called me giving a thorough explanation of his inspection and conclusion.  That same night I received the paper copy.  After being in the house for a couple of months I called David and described what I thought might be a problem.  David came back within a few weeks, examined the area and explained that what I had noticed was a non-problematic weep screed.  David is so friendly, thorough and responsive.  His thoroughness gave me the peace of mind to make a purchase decision. I have recommended him to others knowing they will get a top notch inspection
Phyllis Weir, Lt Col USAF (Ret)
Hilton Head, Sun City, SC

"Thanks David for your help; never done this before.  You have been great I will recommend you to anybody who asks. You did a great job.  That was a great report .  Your service was outstanding. Thanks!"
Dean Love, Jefferson

"Thanks David for being such a stand-up guy, not to mention such a professsional in your field!"
-J Knapp, Savannah, GA

"Thank you so much for your quick turn around with this report. Jason and I appreciate your help."
-H Nelson, Athens

"David Smith's work and work ethic are fantastic. He has an uncompromising attention to detail. More than anything his honesty and good nature make him a pleasure to work with."
-John Ivy, Broker

J Swanton Ivy Realty and Development

"In this day and time, it is so nice to work with someone with your character. Keep up the great work. Thank you again for your help."
-Tom and Sandra Kittle, Athens

"David Smith is the best inspector I have ever worked with. He does an outstanding job for my clients. His reports are very informative with their photos and are easy to read. As a realtor, I use him personally when I buy properties. That in itself should tell you how much I trust his evaluation on properties."
-Glenda Hyatt, Associate Broker
Exit Realty In Touch, Valdosta

"As a Realtor with Coldwell Banker Premier Real Estate, I have recommended David to buyers for inspections. David's reports are thorough, easy to follow, and documented with photos. David is always willing to go over the report with the agent and ther buyer, and always a pleasure to work with."
-Minnette Suddarth, Realtor
Coldwell Banker, Valdosta

"David, thanks again for checking out the office. Your professional inspection gave me comfort in proceeding with the transaction."
-Doug Giles, DC
-Stewart Clinic, Athens

"David, thank you so much for the thoroughness of your evaluation and your prompt preparation of the report. It has been a pleasure to work with you. I'd be happy to be listed as a reference for any homebuyers in need of an inspection."
-Maryann Gallagher, PhD
Depauw University

"David, thanks for your very thorough and professional inspection, and your great manner! It was a pleasure doing biz with you and I'll be sure to give your cards out to deserving real estate tycoons!"
Rosemary Mathis, Realtor
Coldwell Banker, Valdosta

"Thank you, David, so much! We had no idea that an inspection report would be this professional and detailed- even with pictures, which are so incredibly helpful We appriciate you and certainly will recommend your services to everybody we know!"
-The Wootons, Athens

"David is reliable, hard-working, personable. You can always count on him keeping you updated on the project and being creative to work around the problems that can arise on a job. He brings a high level of integrity to the job and you know that you will get your money's worth when the job is done. I would highly recommend David to anyone!"
-David Ivy, Owner
Arbor Productions, Athens

"David's input was invaluable when he provided inspection services and advice to me and my wife. He was very thorough and knowledgeable. I especially appreciated his patience and willingness to answer all of our questions."
-David Rowe, Attorney
RoweSanders, LLC, Athens

"David's work was "top knotch"!!! I would recommend David to anyone that needs a stucco inspection or systems inspection when purchasing a new property."
-Richard Moseley, Senior VP
Raymond James & Associates, Valdosta

"David, I wanted to thank you again for your promptness in getting the inspection done. I don't know of anyone else trying to buy a home now, but please feel free to keep my name and number on file as a reference. I am well pleased. Hunker Down this season!!!"
-Curt Coker, Atlanta

"No one will give you more personal attention than David...very competent and professional."
-Rob Woolery, Owner
Guardian Roofers & Construction, Inc.

"David is an honorable and trustworthy professional. He has a reputation in the industry for providing professional inspection services people can trust. His understanding of the buyer-seller-agent relationships along with his extensive knowledge of building codes and requirements make him a great asset to all parties involved."
-Mike Denham, Competitor and President
National Property Inspections, Athens

"David has always displayed the utmost in integrity, honesty, and efficiency. He made sure to get the inspection done on time, but would always go the extra mile for the client."
-Joan Kierce, Realtor
Re/Max of Valdosta

"David, Thank you for the quick turnaround and very thorough inspection.  I learned a lot.  I will definitely be recommending you to anybody who asks."

-Ben Rosichan, Atlanta

"I fully recommend David. He was prompt, courteous, and professional. I will surely call him again in the future and will recommend him to all my friends."
-Shirley Tabor, Athens

"David was on time, courteous, and efficient. Thank you, David!!! Definitely recommend!"
-Elizabeth Ralph, Jefferson

"David does outstanding work. He's a specialist in synthetic stucco inspections and is worth every penny for home sellers and home buyers who are entertaining a Dryvit home. Take the guess work our and hire a PRO like David!"
-Larry Mercer, Associate Broker
The Herndon Real Estate Company, Valdosta

"David, I just wanted to let you know that if you ever need a recommendation, please let me know. I would be happy to recommend you to anyone after the great job you did for me here on Lake Oconee. You followed the job to the end and kept in touch about every detail...you handled it all and that will definitely bring you a lot of business."
Gail Vann, Realtor
Re/Max Lake Oconee

"I am a real estate professional and my Sellers needed an inspection on their stucco home. David did an excellent job on the inspection. It was very clear, precise, and detailed. The home successfully closed and David helped pave the way! I recommend him often and look forward to working with him in the future."
-Elizabeth Thurmond, Realtor
Segar Realty, Watkinsville

"David has assisted me with stucco inspections on numerous occasions. I have found his work to be very thorough. His reports are detailed and easy to understand and explain to prospects. I always feel confident in recommendind David because I know he will prepare a fair, detailed and complete report."
-Sylvia Hutton, Realtor
Coldwell Banker, Valdosta

"David provided an accurate, detailed analysis on a stucco home we were considering purchasing. When others, including our home inspector, did not feel comfortable commenting on the condition of the stucco, his thorough inspection and report gave us the information we needed to make one of the most important decisions of our lives. He kept in touch withus while we drove six hours to meet him and waited for an hour for us to arrive so he could explain his findings to us in person. He knew this was a big purchase for us and took his time in providing expert detailed information on his findings, which actually saved us thousands of dollars because of necessary repairs that could not be seen with the naked eye. He also conducted a mold test for us as to the home's air quality. We greatly appreciated him taking his time to answer all of our questions. We highly recommend David's services to anyone purchasing a stucco home in view of all the problems that many have experienced because of improper installation of the product. My husband is an engineer and was so impressed with David's detailed report that provided a section by section review of the entire exterior of the home. His credentials in this area are quite impressive! I can confidently say that before we buy a stucco home, we will have an inspection by David."
-Mary Riley, President
Legislative Solutions, Former Chief of Staff: Director of Research
South Carolina Senate

"David is a well trained and highly responsible professional that our company relies on to handle our third party synthetic and hardcoat stucco inspections. He is honest and trustworthy and we can always rely on him to do a great job for his clients!"
-Kay Candler, Marketing Director
Moisture Warranty Corporation

"I have worked with David many times over the past 10+ years. His attention to detail and understanding of structural issues have proven his worth many times over each time that I have hired him to inspect properties. I have told David many times that I do not feel comfortable investing in a property withouth having him take a hard look at the structure to determine the areas of concern. I look forward to working with David for many years to come."
-Chance Warren, General Appraiser
CF Appraisal and Consulting Group, Artesian Management Group, Inc., Athens

"I have used David Smith for a formal Dryvit inspection as part of a house sale twice, once in 2009 and again in 2013. He is thorough, knowledgeable, and never cuts a corner. The things I learned as a result of the first inspection were invaluable in caring for the Dryvit, making the correction of inevitable small problems much easier for the second inspection. As the familiar ad says, 'These guys are good!"
-Col. Joe Prater, Moody AFB Commander, USAF Ret.

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