We often travel up to 250 miles away to conduct inspections for discerning Clients who MUST have an accurate inspection without Realtor influence. We have many friends and associates in the real estate industry across Georgia and South Carolina, but we never compromise our principles or your trust by overlooking important details in order to close a deal. We approach every inspection with a solution-based approach, knowing that you will be living in the home long after the deal closes and all parties have departed the closing table. We have a high accuracy rate and always back up our inspections with exceptional customer service.

EIFS - Stucco - Stone Veneer Home - Mold - Commercial Crawlspaces - Multifamily

All Claddings including EIFS - Stucco

Stone Veneer - Hardiplank - Brick

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We have tested more than 2500 EIFS and traditional stucco homes with uncanny accuracy. We have several tools we use to test, both non-intrusive and minimally intrusive. Tools we use include an electrical resistance probe meter, wet wall scanner, thermal imaging camera, pinless moisture meter, and structural resistance tools. We use time-tested proven techniques to moisture test your property leaving almost no evidence that we were ever there. If confirmation of suspected damage is needed, we are experienced and capable of making test cuts in the siding to observe and verify the condition of the hidden substrate and framing. We present our findings in a comprehensive, easy-to-read report which you and your contractor can use to determine exactly where damage and/or moisture intrusion is hiding.


Our mold inspections include a complete evaluate on the exterior and interior of your home including roof, lot drainage, crawlspace or foundation, sink fixtures, walls and ceilings, siding, doors and windows, gutters and downspouts, and heating, air conditioning, and ventilation. We look for moisture and mold specific evidence and if needed, are qualified to conduct indoor air quality tests, mold tape, swab, and bulk sampling. We use an accredited laboratory to analysis our samples and interpret the lab report for you so you have the best understanding of your particular situation. We can devise a solution to your mold and moisture problem and offer a free consultation with every inspection and analysis. 

Indoor Air Quality

Tape Swab & Bulk Sampling


We offer a full scope of consulting services including hourly personalized consults, contractor consults, moisture discovery and scope of repairs consults, expert witness services including investigations, and loss prevention services for the Insurance Industry including claim adjusters and administrators. 

Moisture Discovery & Management

Personalized Hourly Consultations

Expert Witness & Advisory Services

Loss Prevention for the Insurance Industry